The application of big data in the insurance industry is swelling from waves of vehicle telematics, consumer POS transactions, and mobile interaction data. This new era of data analysis in insurance industry promises new insight to better acquire customers, underwrite risk, fight fraud and settle claims. Visualize and analyze all of your customer and insurance industry data in real-time our solution provides insurance tech specialists, insurers, reinsurers, and insurance brokers the insights they need to optimize decision-making around customer risk and product offerings. Visualization of responses, they can interact with disparate sources of customer data in real-time, cross-filter to refine their investigation, and visualize spatiotemporal customer interactions for actionable insights and improvements within insurance industry data models.


Vehicles are more than transportation: they’re now smart mobile devices generating volumes of telematics data. Automotive revenue streams are shifting and the key to unlocking real value from big data in the automotive industry is accelerated analytics. Optimize Fleet Performance Annually or Visualize Single Vehicle Telemetry Data in Milliseconds our solution provides an accelerated analytics platform for vehicle telematics. Automobile engineers, fleet managers, logistics leaders and usage-based insurance carriers can all derive insights to transform their businesses and harmonize their respective partner and customer ecosystems. Derive spatio-temporal insights from customer behavior and discover relationships between destinations, driving habits, and infotainment preferences.

Oil and Gas

Our solution allows data scientists to analyze the massive volumes of oil and gas data being generated and stored in the well planning, drilling, and production processes. Visualize, cross-filter, and interact with your massive oil & gas datasets with transformative efficiency Sophisticated trend analysis, pattern recognition and cross functional data integration is required to stay competitive Advanced big data analytics for oil and gas can yield 30-50X investment within a few months of implementation... Visualize, cross-filter, and interact with your massive oil & gas datasets with transformative efficiency. Improve yields by rapidly analyzing massive volumes of reservoir properties, interpreted well and mud logs, and production data for impressive predictive analytic results Reduce costs by visualizing maps and analyzing geological constraints coupled with drilling and completion data for better well planning and maximizing hydrocarbon recovery.


Our solution provides real-time data visualizations for big data analytics in pharma so process analysts and data scientists can monitor processes and improve drug manufacturing, engineering, and supply chain management. Instantly comb through EHRs, publications, genomics data, and clinical trials for precision medicine. No more waiting for your Big Data query to finish. Solution allows you to visualize, cross-filter, and interact with your data in real time for a new era of big data analytics in the pharmaceutical industry. Uncover hidden patterns and cryptic correlations between biological information, risks for disease and effectiveness of pharmaceuticals across the broad array of combined factors. Rapidly slice through genomics data to identify new life-saving treatments Monitor real-time IoT data as it streams from every step of the drug manufacturing process Select patient cohorts with the traits necessary for a successful trial.