Customer Churn Telco Analytics

Acquiring new customers can cost up to 25 times more than retaining existing ones. Carriers rely on telecom data analytics around demographics, usage, connectivity, network performance and reliability, and more, to reduce their customer churn rates. Yet the scale of this data is too vast for their existing telecom analytics tools, which limits telco customer churn analysis from quickly running ad-hoc queries or visualizing and dashboarding customer data in its entirety. With OmniSci's advanced analytics for telecom, analysts can rapidly visualize billions of records to spot anomalies and immediately drill down to specific network issues that can cause customer churn.

Making the Best 5G Investments with Data Analytics in Telecom

Modern 5G network development requires efficient, cost-effective placement of cellular equipment to maximize network performance and return value on significant capital investments. With OmniSci's big data analytics for telecom, telecommunications industry network operators, engineers, and data scientists can analyze and visualize complex telco data records at scale. They can layer their existing network data sets with modeling and coverage analysis and rapidly run millions of complex calculations aimed at reducing interference between the innumerable towers of 5G networks..