DWH And Analytics

DWH refers to Data Warehousing that includes the processes and methodologies involved in the creating, populating, querying and maintaining a data warehouse.

What is DWH

Data warehouse is the key ingredient in taking quick and intelligent business decisions. The quality of data and data warehousing is thus a critical concern for the organizations so data quality is a must-have while dealing with such large amounts of data and maintaining it in a centralized warehouse.

Objective of DWH

The objective of DWH is to help users make better business decisions. In short, DWH is a central repository of organizational data, which stores integrated data from multiple sources.

Architecture of DWH

It involves 3 phases:

  • Data acquisition and data integration
  • Data repository
  • Data evaluation and analysis

What you will get from DWH

DWH helps in obtaining and filtering essential data out of large dataset that can help organisation to take better decisions on the data obtained and then grow at a fast rate. They can better analyse and plan for future growth of the organisation based on that data.