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Computantis Introduction

Industry-proven solution that simplifies the reconciliation, payment, accounting and tax process as per Industry & Government compliance. Computantis is an end-to-end solution with supports n type of source files (.xml, .pdf, .txt , .xlsx or any other types of file), matches transactions from multiple sources, manages exceptions, resolves conflicts, generates file reports, and uploads files to hosts and interchanges. The convenient and simple process flow, reduces time, hassles of reconciling and settling for various accounting software.


  • Offers multiway reconciliation
  • Automated scheduling of reconciliation activity
  • Force match option to manually settle un-reconciled entries
  • Entire system dependson machine with minimal resource.
  • Auto E-mail send to business partners as various type of report with attachments or graph.
  • Extract data from invoice file (.pdf format). Automated SMS or E-mail trigger to respective partners.


  • Offers flexible and high performance reconciliation & accounting platform
  • Reduces time, cost and hassles of reconciling and accounting entry for various accounting software.